On November 4, 2023, we celebrated our very first Motorbike Care Day at Square 3/2 in Bac Giang City. It was a gathering of top-notch Japanese brands including NGK - NITERRA specializing in spark plugs, Idemitsu - a professional provider of vehicle oil, and IRC - our champion of motorbikes and bicycles tires.

Plenty of locals brought their bikes and motorbikes to the event to receive a full check-up and consultancy of maintenance. Our technicians were on hand to advise and recommend routine replacement of parts if necessary.

At the care day, the 3-step care and maintenance process was delivered to all vehicles:

+ Step 1: Thorough spark plug check and cleaning by Japanese experts from NGK - NITERRA (Replacing spark plugs every 8,000 km is recommended for ultimate safety).

+ Step 2: Check the status of vehicles' oil by Idemitsu’s special technology.

+ Step 3: The IRC tire team examined tread depth, tire pressure, and other related issues. This is a crucial step in the overhaul process because the tires are the only parts in direct contact with the roads' surface, which can vary from soil, gravel to asphalt. Ìf the quality of tire is neglected, this could significantly increase travel risks.

All these services were offered 100% free of charge by the skilled technicians from NGK, Idemitsu, and IRC. The locals could rest easy knowing their vehicles were thoroughly checked. Plus, our technicians were ready to support any additional issues related to the use and maintenance of their bikes, offering reliable, useful information to ensure safe travel.

We also hosted fun extra activities to spread knowledge about traffic safety with games like the NGK Electric Maze, Smart Choices, Find the Oil Puzzle, and more, along with many practical gifts.

Making our first appearance in Bac Giang, we received overwhelming support from the locals, as well as the provincial government and generous sponsors. We were also able to present gifts to children affected by traffic accidents, with a total value of up to 12 million VND.

A big thank you to everyone who joined and supported us, making this event a splendid success. Stay tuned and follow up with us in more events like this in the future!