How many kgf/cm2 for setting air pressure in the tire to stable when operated?

When using at normal condition,Standard of air pressure from 2,5 kgf/cm2 to 2,8 kgf/cm2.

Can use tire which had many patch? Why?

Please don't using tire which had many patch.Because air pressure will easy leak and reduce capacity to sustain a load so very dangerous.

How to check level wear of tread compound and time of changing by new one ?

Have.Tread wear indication is TWI position.
- At tire side position have 4 or 6 small triangle for intruction TWI position.
- The same position with small triangle,TWI is small compound edge at groove of tread pattern.when your tire have worn come to small compound edge,please changing by new one.
- When tire had crack or broken that can't repaired.
- Surface of the tire have crack because compound had aging.
- Some position on the tire had swell.
- Around the tire had many crack because setting air pressure very low and using long time.

How many Kg for loading capacity/weight?
  • At the sidewall of tire have Load index indication at air pressure standard.if overload the tire will warm so tire life is short.And tire can be punture while using so very dangerous.
  • Please refer to a document about loat index at "customer support" on the webside and then click to "parameter of the tire".
How to compare between TUBE TYPE tire and TUBELESS tire?

◦ For the TUBE TYPE tire,on the tirewall of tire have TUBE TYPE lettering.
◦ For the TUBELESS tire,on the tirewall of tire have TUBELESS lettering.

Can use TUBE for TUBELESS tire?Why?

Please don't using tube for TUBELESS tire because tire become heavy,tire will be warm when driving and feeling not so good.

Why the tire run-out while driving?

◦ The tire had problem happen.
◦ When assembly,tire and rim had not centering.
◦ The ball-bearing had worn out or broken.

For the TUBE TYPE tire,Why air pressure in the tube had decrease,although tube don't have punture ?

Because air pressure had osmosis from inside tube to outside,so material of the tube will effect to rate of osmosis.Butyl material have forbid the air pressure to osmosis from inside tube to outside.So we want advised that"please use butyl tube for your motorbycle".