Kiên Giang Welcomed the First-Ever "Free Motorbike Care Day"

In August 12th and 13th, the "Free Motorbike Care Day" event was successfully held at Rạch Giá City, Kiên Giang Province. This event united four automotive component flagships from Japan: Idemitsu (lubricants), IRC (tires), NGK (spark plugs), and Mitsuboshi (curoa belts), accompanied by the National Traffic Safety Committee.

In response to Resolution No. 35-NQ/TU by the Executive Committee of Kiên Giang Province on enhancing leadership and guidance to ensure order and traffic safety of the province, "Free Motorbike Care Day" took place at An Hoà Park, Rạch Giá City, Kiên Giang Province. The event aimed to provide free motorbike care services and impart general knowledge about vehicle maintenance and protection to participants.

To cope with the escalation of traffic accidents, the province has directed the implementation of comprehensive measures to control and reduce traffic accidents, ensuring order and safety on the roads.

On July 17th, Kiên Giang was affected by the first storm of 2023, causing widespread rainfall and increasing the risk of flooding or damage. This adverse weather impacted the durability and safety of vehicles on the roads. Experts from Japan recommended people to regularly inspect their vehicles to ensure stable traffic and minimize breakdowns while in motion.

Having been renowned providers of quality motorcycle components and equipment worldwide, the four brands NGK, Idemitsu, IRC, and Mitsuboshi brought skillful and experienced technical teams to the "Free Motorbike Care Day." They shared a lot on vehicle care and maintenance to the participants. All services were provided free of charge, helping Kiên Giang in ensuring traffic safety.

Four vehicle care steps in "Free Motorbike Care Day" in Kiên Giang

The event this year met with thousands of vehicle riders, receiving countless common issues that people encounter when being on the road. The Motorcycle Care Day succeeded at introducing a comprehensive motorcycle care model with 4 important steps to more people:

Step 1: Inspection and Care of Spark Plugs (Bugi): NGK Spark Plugs' mechanics conducted inspections and cleaning of spark plugs following with Japanese standards. This will make starting the engine more easily and smoothly. Vehicle owners were also guided on calculating the replacement interval for spark plugs—every 8,000 kilometers—to ensure safe driving.

Step 2: Inspection and Care of Curoa Belts: On August 13th, Mitsuboshi brought a team of skilled mechanics specializing in servicing wheel drive mechanisms, ensuring long-lasting operation for vehicles to the event.

Step 3: Quality Inspection of Engine Oil: Idemitsu mechanics inspected and evaluated engine oil quality using specialized equipment with unique technology from Japan.

Step 4: Inspection and Care of Tires: IRC, a manufacturer of tires familiar with Vietnam's terrain, climate, and user habits, conducted tests, evaluations, and offered useful advice for vehicle owners.

Digitalization and multiple engaging games attracting event participants

In the Free Motorcycle Care Day, the most memorable thing was the modern IT system. It successfully enabled the Organizing Board to ceaselessly listen to and resolve the issues that participants were having, thereby providing many practical and approachable solutions. These solutions are easy for people to memorize and utilize in everyday life.

Through quizzes and games on the topics of road safety and driving behaviors, participants not only received gifts but also updated their knowledge about vehicles and the latest traffic regulations.

After 22 events being held at big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and provinces like Nghệ An, Hải Phòng, Đà Lạt, and An Giang, over 15,000 vehicles received free maintenance, and nearly 30,000 participants had access to the most accurate and update information about traffic safety and proper motorbike operation. The events’ goals are cost optimization for vehicle riders, and environment protection in the long-term.

With many technology advancements, the Free Motorbike Care Day has become a reliable and most-awaited motorbike care activity accompanying people and organizations to elevate driving awareness. This initiative also works hand in hand with the National Traffic Safety Committee to assist children in local areas affected by traffic accidents.