Keep distance from vehicles ahead

In the rain, the safe distance from the front car should be twice the length of your vehicles, to help the brain to handle the situation in time when the vehicle suddenly turns or stops suddenly. Do not run in parallel or near cars, because the water from the 4-wheel drive vehicle can cause you to fall, causing continuous accidents.

Turn on lights or fog lights

Thunderstorms make it darker than usual, even during the daytime. Therefore, you should turn on the lights or fog lights, even when it is small rain and when it is dark. This not only helps you observe the road better, but also helps other drivers see your direction clearly. However, avoid turning on the headlights causing the vehicle to go across the eyes to be dazzled, dangerous for both sides.

Lower your head for easy observation

Visibility often becomes poor when it rains. Therefore, you should lower the head to reduce rainwater in the eyes as well as easy to observe the manhole cover, manholes, potholes ... hidden under puddles. The lines on the road will become slippery, stay away from them. You should not go into the rainbow-like streaks on the road, because it rains so many oil slicks cause slippery.

Wear raincoat, hat properly

Wearing raincoats with type hug your body. This will help us do not get in the way or the wind when the vehicle is moving. If wearing a raincoat, you should not cover the front of the motorcycle with the front lights on the motorbike. Also blocking the view and prone to wind on the face. The back of the shirt should be folded neatly to avoid being pulled into the wheel causing an accident. Limit the type of raincoat worn once, because of the baggy design, creating large wind resistance. The helmet should tighten the strap, so as not to flip back.

Ride at low gear and keep the scooter steady

To handle all unexpected situations, the driver should ride the scooter should keep the scooter, and the riders should step on the number 2, move at a slow speed. This also helps limit the risk of water overflowing into the exhaust pipe, causing machine death when passing flooded sections. If the road is too crowded, the wind is too strong, it is difficult to hold the scooter firmly, the people in traffic should stop the vehicle to turn off the walkers or find a place to stay, instead of "trying to punch away" to go home immediately.

Replace the tires before the rainy season

In the rain, the traction of the tire will decrease. Therefore, besides going smart, you need to check the tires to avoid slipping at the beginning of the rainy season. A tire with good traction will minimize the ability to deviate wheels fall on the road.